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Automated temperature and magnetic field testing platforms for materials characterization
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MPMS® Parts and Accessories

Quantity Model Description
C010-UV Fiber Optic Sample Holder (UV to Visible range)
C010-IR Fiber Optic Sample Holder (Visible to IR range)
C105 Quartz Sample Holder
C110 Sample Support Assembly (Each)
C111 Manual Insertion Utility Probe
C115 RSO Sample Rod  Assembly (Each)
C116 RSO Oven Sample Rod Assembly
C120 MPMS Users Manual (Set of 3)
C130A SQUID VSM Quartz Paddle Sample Holder (each)
C130B SQUID VSM Brass Trough Sample Holder (each)
C135 SQUID VSM Sample Rod (each)
C180A MPMS MultiVu Operating System Upgrade (Rev. 2 users)
(Requires Pentium speed computer with WinXP, 128 MB RAM, 10+ GB HD, CD ROM)
Now Available for All MPMS systems
C210A Palladium Reference Sample
C210B Palladium Reference Sample (Installed in Quartz sample holder)
C215 Palladium Reference Sample (C210B) installed on Sample Support (C110)
C220 Dysprosium Oxide (Dy2O3) Sample
C235 SQUID VSM Palladium Reference Sample (mounted) (each)


PPMS® Parts and Accessories

Quantity Model Description
P100 Sample Puck Tool Kit (Insertion Tool and Puck Adjustment Tool)
P101 Universal Sample Pucks (Set of three)
P102 DC Resistivity Sample Puck (Set of three)
P103A Rotator Resistivity Sample Boards (Set of three)
P103B Rotator ACT Sample Boards (Set of three)
P103C Rotator Universal Sample Boards (Set of three)
P103D Rotator Field Parallel Sample Boards (Set of two)
P104 Helium-3 Res/ACT Sample Mounts (Set of three)
P105 Dilution Refrigerator User Sample Mounts (Set of two)
P106 ACT Sample Pucks (Set of three)
P107A Heat Capacity Micro-calorimeter Sample Pucks (Each)
P107B Heat Capacity Micro-calorimeter Sample Frame (Each) (includes platform with heater and thermometer)
P107E Helium-3 Heat Capacity Micro-calorimeter Sample Puck (Each) (includes platform with heater and thermometer)
P108 Torque Magnetometer Holder Board (set of 2)
P109A Standard Torque Magnetometer Chip (Each)
P110A Characterized P109A Torque Magnetometer Chip (Each)
P110B Characterized P109B Torque Magnetometer Chip (Each)
P117A Thermal Transport Sample Puck (without Thermometer or Heater shoe assemblies)
P117B Set of Thermal Transport Shoes (Two P117C and one P117D)
P117C Thermal Transport Thermometer Shoe Assembly (each)
P117D Thermal Transport Heater Shoe Assembly (each)
P117E Sample Lead Discs (Box of 30)
P117F Sample Lead Bars (Set of 10)
P120A 6.2 mm Bore VSM Coil Set
P120B 12 mm Large Bore VSM Coil Set (Requires P526B sample rod and P526E VSM Sample Tube)
P125A VSM Brass Half-tube Sample Holder (each)
P125B VSM Quartz Sample Holder (each)
P125C VSM Large Bore Brass Half-tube Sample Holder (each)
P125E VSM Powder Sample Holder (50 pairs)
P127A VSM Oven Heater Stick (each)
P127B VSM Oven Copper Foil Coupons (Set of 10)
P150 Sample Wiring Test Station
P160 Set of PPMS User's Manuals
P501A ACMS Sample Rod (Each)
P501B ACMS Sample Rod - Sealed (Each)
P526A VSM Sample Rod Assembly
P526B VSM Large Bore Coil Sample Rod 
P526D VSM Guide Tube
P526E VSM Large Bore Coil Guide Tube
P528 VSM Oven Sample Rod Assembly
P940 Flexible Helium Transfer Tube

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