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kiutra Cryogen-Free Magnetic Refrigerators

Cryogen-Free Magnetic Refrigerators

kiutra S-Series & L-Series ADR Cryostats

Kiutra believes that magnetic cooling is an extremely versatile and elegant tool to provide low temperatures. They design and manufacture truly cryogen-free magnetic refrigeration systems that stand out due to their high quality, reliability, and ease of use. Being inherently modular, their cryostats can be configured and upgraded to match a wide range of user requirements. And in contrast to many other commercial magnetic refrigerators, their devices offer continuous cooling at sub-Kelvin temperatures.

The cryostats manufactured by kiutra use Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigeration (ADR) technology to reach sub-Kelvin temperatures either in one-shot or continuous-cooling operation. All kiutra cryostats are built around closed-cycle cryocoolers which provide a base temperature of less than 4 K. These systems may be equipped with up to four ADR stages, and fitted with different cooling media to optimize the cooling power, cooling capacity, and minimum temperature of the system. In this way kiutra cryostats provide single-shot cooling below 100 mK and continuous, cryogen-free cooling down to 300 mK.


S-Type Essential cryostat

The S-Type Essential is a versatile, rack-mountable sub-Kelvin platform designed for the operation of low-temperature electronic devices, such as single-photon detectors or light sources, as well as the integration of complex customer setups. In its standard configuration, the system provides continuous cooling at 300 mK and “one-shot” operation down to 100 mK – without the need of cryogens.


  • Continuous operation at 300 mK
  • One-shot cooling to 100 mK
  • Operation time: 3 hours at 100 mK
  • Sample platform: 150 x 300 x 100 mm (W x L x H)
  • Various wiring options (Up to 48 DC, 16 RF, or 4 optical lines)

S-Type Essential Data Sheet

kiutra S-Type Optical cryostat

The S-Type Optical is a very compact cryostat designed for a broad range of low-temperature experiments and applications that require simple and fast access to the sample stage. The system offers a unique combination of sub-Kelvin temperatures, automatic operation, and free-beam optical access on a small footprint.


  • Continuous operation at 3.5 K
  • One-shot cooling to 800 mK
  • Operation time: 30 hours at 1 K
  • Sample platform: 41 mm (diameter)
  • Up to 4 RF lines

S-Type Optical Data Sheet

kiutra L-Type Rapid

The L-Type Rapid is a unique top-loading cADR system offering continuous cooling at 300 mK and one-shot operation to 100 mK. Its innovative automatic sample transfer feature allows users to cool a sample to the minimum temperature within less than three hours, thus enabling high-throughput screening of scientific samples and rapid prototyping of quantum electronics. For low-temperature investigations of field-dependent physical properties, the L-Type Rapid can be equipped with a 5T sample magnet.


  • Continuous operation at 300 mK
  • One-shot cooling to 100 mK
  • Operation time: 3 hours at 100 mK
  • Sample platform: 36 mm (diameter) x 100 mm (height)
  • Optional 5T sample magnet available
  • Up to 4 RF connections on a puck

L-Type Rapid Data Sheet

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kiutra Cryogen-Free Magnetic Refrigerators

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Exploring sub Kelvin measurements with kiutra's ADR cryostats


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